Since I believe, as Earth, Wind and Fire once sang, life is "all about love," I’ll start with what I love:

Authenticity. Gorgeous writing. Forgiveness, because it’s rarer than 14-carat diamonds despite each of us desperately needing, and needing to offer, it. Yoga. Romantic movies that make my eyes well up. Challenging authority. Wearing dresses. Challenging authority while wearing dresses (and cute shoes). Root beer floats, but only made with A&W soda and Vanilla Haagen Dazs. Knowing that the world can be changed in generous, life-enhancing ways. Believing in the Divine in everyone, even if It has been masterfully hidden. My sons, husband, mom, brothers, dog, friends and extended family. And you taking time from your crazy, too-damn-much-to-do day to visit this website.

As corny as it seems, I love writing about love, whether that means exploring the God, people, cultures, families that inspire us, the beauty that moves us, or the events that frighten and uplift us. I’m enamored of the subject because I believe–in an impossible-to-prove-but-know-it-in-my-bones way–that we are love, and that everything we do arises from our search for more of what we essentially are. Even our ugliness derives from love, from the shrinking, twisting, and hardening that occur when the love that we are and long for is tamped down, buried, stomped on, flung away or cruelly denied us.

So welcome to my website. Read about (or order!) my book, Brothers (and me), check out my columns, articles, blog and musings and, just perhaps, feel the affection that underpins them.

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Donna Britt has always been surrounded by men-her father, three brothers, two husbands, three sons, countless friends. She learned to give to them at an early age. But after her beloved brother Darrell's senseless killing by police 30 years ago, she began giving more, unconsciously seeking to help other men the way she couldn't help Darrell. Brothers (and Me) navigates Britt's life through her relationships with men...

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